Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wet & Wild New 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes & Swatches!

Wet & Wild Cosmetics New 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes!!

I don't know about you but I was so excited to hear about the new 8 pan palettes from Wet & Wild. I've been using Wet & Wild for years! even dating myself with the 666 lip pencil my sisters and I always rocked, it was the perfect roseish pink brown. After loving the Holiday palettes I knew I had to search for these new 8 pan palettes.

Tulio the awesome man fiance' best friend ever found these for me after weeks of searching for them. He found the Holiday palettes for me too and I just love him for it! I appreciate him supporting my likes and shows he really listens. The lady told him that most Walgreens get shipments on Wed-Thursday and it usually takes up 24 hrs to put the delivery on the shelf. Just to let you guys know if you are also on the hunt!

I recommend these over and over and have been pleased with every color icon palette that Wet & Wild has come out with. Each shadow is incredible, affordable, so easy to blend and so pigmented. I don't know who they hired or who is doing the products for them now .. but these eyeshadows are amazing!! I have high end makeup and never touch it..these have definitely are a everyday thing for me now. The colors in the palette are so blendable and pigmented you don't even need a primer to make them show up. I can't even tell you how soft and little you need for them to show up. You will have these for a long time but if you use them as much as me ... lol you might need two of each. ;)

I took a few pictures of the packaging, the eyeshadows and swatches. (Swatches are over base, but does not effect the pigmentation at all)

This is my favorite palette. Quite surprising because I'm totally not a neutral person but these shadows are gorgeous! I wish my camera could pick up on the awesomeness cause this palette was worth the hunt. Tulio said this was his favorite as well. Most of these colors are dupes for MAC eyeshadows but I can say way better.. way... way better. Now I might be shot for saying that but I don't care. You barely have to touch these shadows to make them work.

This is my second favorite palette, I love these colors and I want to do some wedding looks featuring this palette. I'm getting married next year and our colors are purple and these colors are just soooo gorgeous and I can't wait to try this palette. I got them today and tomorrow I'm doing a look with them right away. I can't can't wait. I have so many ideas for this palette, and this is gorgeous to take from day time to night time in one palette. Wet & Wild really thought about the design of these eyeshadows and I'm quite impressed.

BLUES & TURQUOISE! my favorites!! I love this palette too. The turquoise is gorgeeeeeeeous! I love colors like this and I was so excited and this was the first palette I grabbed. Just seeing it in person just pops! I can't wait to use this one too and do a tutorial. I do have one thing to say.. I do wish there was more darker blues, because the third blue in from the left comes off a bit black. Other than that.. it's a gorgeous palette to use for a hot smokey night look.

I can't wait to do tutorials using these for YouTube, I hope you guys can find them at your local Walgreens to do the looks with me. They are worth the wait and search!! If you find all three, get them! you never know when you will see them again and you'll regret not pickin' up these awesome palettes. Remember to call your local Walgreens about shipments and some might put some aside for you if you ask? Happy Hunting!

Price ONLY $4.99 per palette!!
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  1. :O I need to get these palettes ASAP!

  2. Comfort Zone was my favorite of the bunch as well.

  3. I have the comfort zone and the blue one and they are so gorgeous..I am so surprised by how pigmented they are..I am really happy with my purchase! I must also say that there new lippies are really nice too!

  4. Wow, these look amazing.. must.. find.

  5. i was trying to hold off for a sale but i now want to run to the 24 hour walgreens for mine =]