Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vero aka Queenbchronicles Photoshoot!

Vero's pictures are back and she looks gorgeous!!! I love how confident, beautiful, and just amazing she looks. I love her beautiful dress and hot heels. I wanted to post and let you take a look better than the dark photos my camera takes lol. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A few looks featuring Vero & Charlese!

My friends came over the other day, you know them as @veroqbc & @sociallyflyy on twitter to get Vero's makeup done for a photoshoot featuring @flixbda1. Vero was having it done for her website and upcoming events.

I decided to keep her eyes light since she was pairing it with her red lip. She's gorgeous and doesn't need much makeup & plus since she was wearing a red lip. I will have to get her products she used to post here later but she looked great! After I was done, Charlese wanted hers done too and I was more than willing! I loveeee to do makeup and it's always nice to have people come by and just enjoy the time.... when I do have time lol. I wish I could do this more but it's hard to do when your doing graphics as well. I was just happy to have them happy and really enjoy the pigment colors in the sunlight.

I thought I would share some of these looks I put together quickly with a few shots. I might do both these looks for upcoming youtube tutorials too. I really like how they came out. I do wish my camera picked up these colors a lot better but.. what ya gonna do? lol anyways, I used Wet & Wild palettes on both girls with a combination of Heavenly Naturals. I think these two work so well together and are my favorite to work with just like these girls! :D Check it out and let know what you think!

Vero's Look:
I used the Terra Cotta color from the Greed Palette to smooth out the brow bone. Single eyeshadow Brulee for her brow highlight. Combination of the Dark blues in the Pride palette on the lower lashline. I did a mixture of purples from the Sugar Plum Fairy palette & the dark blues again in her outer v. Middle lid is Heavenly Naturals in Etheral. Tear ducts is the lightest creme in the Golden Goddess palette. Top lid tear duct is Heavenly Naturals Color in Opal right over that light cream in the tear ducts only to bring out that purple iridescence. Motives Dark Brown pencil top liner. HIP eyeliner in Blue Spark in the waterline. Jordana pencil in Coffee Bean to fill in her brows a bit. Heavenly Naturals Blush in Blushing 14. For concealer I used my wonderful Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme to conceal under eye & balance skin tone. She doesn't use much liquid so I used a small dime sized drop of liquid Revlon Colorstay in True Beige with a MAC 187 for the photos & set with some of her Bare Escentuals Face Powder. Vero lipstick and liner were provided by her and I will fill in later!

Charlese's Look:
I used a mixture of Wet & Wild and HN again. I used the Terra Cotta color from the Greed Palette to smooth out the brow bone. I took the white from the Sugar Plum Fairy palette for her brow highlight. Heavenly Naturals in Opal on her brow bone over that Greed terra cotta color & blended over that crease and also in the tear ducts. Urban Decay 24/7 Zero liner in her waterline and blended out on her lower lashline. I used the silver from the Night Elf palette on her middle lid. To darken her crease & outer V I used the dark Grey from the Lust palette. In her crease to bring up the purple I took the purple from the Sugar Plum Fairy palette & also a tad of the sparkly dark burgundy. Heavenly Naturals Blush in Blushing 10. For concealer I used my wonderful Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme to conceal under eye & balance skin tone. Lips just a tad of Graftobian Hi-Def LipColor super palette #88292 Nude.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Wet & Wild New 3 Pan Trio Eyeshadow Palettes & Swatches!

Tulio has done it again lol he found the new 8 pan eyeshadow palettes & also picked up these new 3 pan eyeshadow palettes for me as well. I love that man!! He said it was a struggle but once you see them, get them!! I'm serious.. buy them because they are worth the price & the hunting you might need to do.

Each palette is set with 3 eyeshadows ranging in sparkle, lustre and matte. Each shadow is so pigmented you don't need much to make them go a long way. I can't even express how Wet & Wild has stepped up with the formulas on their eyeshadows. Out of all the drugstore eyeshadows I've tried.. I must say Wet & Wild has taken the cake. Not to say that there isn't great eyeshadows at the drugstore.. but these are the best by far. You get exceptional product for such a affordable price, you are almost shocked. I highly recommend these as well as the 6 & 8 palettes they sell. You really can't lose with any of these eyeshadow palettes.

Again, I recommend staying in touch with your local Walgreens. You can call and ask when shipments come in and most say that it takes up to 24 hrs for the product to hit shelves. Go ahead and ask and they will be happy to help! I also would try a Walgreens out of the way from busy areas, we go to one kind of in a quite neighborhood. Shout out to the Walgreens on Bird Ave in San Jose and the two Ladies who took the time to help search but didn't have. It's hard to find people willing to take the time to look these days. So thank you!!

Swatches & Eyeshadow Palettes

Spoiled brat is perfect for those nights out on the town. This trio is gorgeous and my favorite. The pink is so close in color to Ben Nye's "Azalea". The black sparkle eyeshadow is the perfect touch for a glitzy look.

Silent Treatment is beautiful in person!! the sparkly brown is beautiful in person and the brow bone color is perrrrfect to blend out any harsh line. The lid color is also great for a sexy day time lustre.

I Dream of Greenie is awesome for spring time! I can't wait to rock these greens and the sparkly lime green is my favorite out of the bunch. Pair this with a hot pink lip & you are set!

I'm Getting Sunburned is fantastic!! This is one of my favorites not cause of the beautiful deep sparkly brown or the lovely pink but of the GOLD!!! I LOVEEEE GOLD!!! Hahahaha This gold is so pigmented and paired up with a neapolitan color scheme. This is a must get!

I Got Good Jeans is for sure!! You can do a sexy smokey eye for those days out with friends shopping or take into night time to pair up with a sexy navy dress. This dark blue is worth spending the $3 dollars on this palette. I'm a sucker for all types of blues and it's gorgeous!!!

I wanted this palette as soon as I saw it. It was the one I was most looking forward too.. unfortunately the colors come off a bit sheer. They are very beautiful but this one was the only one you will need to pack on the color. Kinda sucky cause I was looking forward to these bright bold colors. The most pigmented is the blueish green and it's gorgeous. I will still rock this one, but was the least liked out of the bunch.

ONLY $2.99! EACH!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wet & Wild New 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes & Swatches!

Wet & Wild Cosmetics New 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes!!

I don't know about you but I was so excited to hear about the new 8 pan palettes from Wet & Wild. I've been using Wet & Wild for years! even dating myself with the 666 lip pencil my sisters and I always rocked, it was the perfect roseish pink brown. After loving the Holiday palettes I knew I had to search for these new 8 pan palettes.

Tulio the awesome man fiance' best friend ever found these for me after weeks of searching for them. He found the Holiday palettes for me too and I just love him for it! I appreciate him supporting my likes and shows he really listens. The lady told him that most Walgreens get shipments on Wed-Thursday and it usually takes up 24 hrs to put the delivery on the shelf. Just to let you guys know if you are also on the hunt!

I recommend these over and over and have been pleased with every color icon palette that Wet & Wild has come out with. Each shadow is incredible, affordable, so easy to blend and so pigmented. I don't know who they hired or who is doing the products for them now .. but these eyeshadows are amazing!! I have high end makeup and never touch it..these have definitely are a everyday thing for me now. The colors in the palette are so blendable and pigmented you don't even need a primer to make them show up. I can't even tell you how soft and little you need for them to show up. You will have these for a long time but if you use them as much as me ... lol you might need two of each. ;)

I took a few pictures of the packaging, the eyeshadows and swatches. (Swatches are over base, but does not effect the pigmentation at all)

This is my favorite palette. Quite surprising because I'm totally not a neutral person but these shadows are gorgeous! I wish my camera could pick up on the awesomeness cause this palette was worth the hunt. Tulio said this was his favorite as well. Most of these colors are dupes for MAC eyeshadows but I can say way better.. way... way better. Now I might be shot for saying that but I don't care. You barely have to touch these shadows to make them work.

This is my second favorite palette, I love these colors and I want to do some wedding looks featuring this palette. I'm getting married next year and our colors are purple and these colors are just soooo gorgeous and I can't wait to try this palette. I got them today and tomorrow I'm doing a look with them right away. I can't can't wait. I have so many ideas for this palette, and this is gorgeous to take from day time to night time in one palette. Wet & Wild really thought about the design of these eyeshadows and I'm quite impressed.

BLUES & TURQUOISE! my favorites!! I love this palette too. The turquoise is gorgeeeeeeeous! I love colors like this and I was so excited and this was the first palette I grabbed. Just seeing it in person just pops! I can't wait to use this one too and do a tutorial. I do have one thing to say.. I do wish there was more darker blues, because the third blue in from the left comes off a bit black. Other than that.. it's a gorgeous palette to use for a hot smokey night look.

I can't wait to do tutorials using these for YouTube, I hope you guys can find them at your local Walgreens to do the looks with me. They are worth the wait and search!! If you find all three, get them! you never know when you will see them again and you'll regret not pickin' up these awesome palettes. Remember to call your local Walgreens about shipments and some might put some aside for you if you ask? Happy Hunting!

Price ONLY $4.99 per palette!!
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Friday, February 11, 2011

A Burgundy Valentine's Day Look

Happy Valentine's Day you guys!! I know people say "Boo Valentine's Day!! You should show people everyday you love them. blah blah blah" Yes.. we all know this. However, you should still just take the time to spend some extra extra love on a holiday for our loved ones. In the end it's all about love! so celebrate the people you love... we got a special holiday for it.

You should be supportive, loving, understanding, appreciative to the people you love everyday. Life is short and people you love can go with a simple breath. I've lost some family members last year and it has pushed me to value life even more and the people in it. I wish you all a happy holiday & even if you have no one.. spend some time loving yourself. <3

Happy Valentine's Day!

Watch in HD!

What I used:
MAC Painterly Pot for base as always

Wet & Wild "Sugar Plum Fairy" palette (lavender-browbone/ purple-crease/ dark burgundy-crease)
Wet & Wild "Greed" palette (terra cotta/brow bone)
Wet & Wild "Lust" palette (purple/ brow bone crease)
Wet & Wild "Brulee" single eyeshadow (waterline)
Heavenly Naturals "Hummingbird" pigment (tear ducts)
Heavenly Naturals "Opal" pigment (brow bone)
Jesse's Girl "Rust" Pigment (lid & middle of lower lashline)
Jesse's Girl "Penny Arcade" Pigment (lower tear duct)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in "zero" (waterline)

Heavenly Natural Beauty in "Blushin 10"

Revlon "Raisin Glaze"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hot Pink Valentine's Day Look #1

HELLO!! I'm back with some color for ya'll! I will be doing a few more tutorials for Valentine's Day. I will be having some other choices in looks as well. I hope you enjoy this look & tutorial!


What I used:

MAC Painterly Pot for base as always

Ben Nye "Azalea" Eyeshadow
ELF palette in "Silver Lining"
ELF palette in "Drama"
Wet & Wild "Lust" palette (dark sparkly pink)
Heavenly Naturals "Opal" pigment
Jesse's Girl "Pink Glitz" Pigment

Wet & Wild Icon Blusher in "Heather Silk"

Revlon "Fucshia 030"
N.Y.C "#557" lipgloss