Friday, February 11, 2011

A Burgundy Valentine's Day Look

Happy Valentine's Day you guys!! I know people say "Boo Valentine's Day!! You should show people everyday you love them. blah blah blah" Yes.. we all know this. However, you should still just take the time to spend some extra extra love on a holiday for our loved ones. In the end it's all about love! so celebrate the people you love... we got a special holiday for it.

You should be supportive, loving, understanding, appreciative to the people you love everyday. Life is short and people you love can go with a simple breath. I've lost some family members last year and it has pushed me to value life even more and the people in it. I wish you all a happy holiday & even if you have no one.. spend some time loving yourself. <3

Happy Valentine's Day!

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What I used:
MAC Painterly Pot for base as always

Wet & Wild "Sugar Plum Fairy" palette (lavender-browbone/ purple-crease/ dark burgundy-crease)
Wet & Wild "Greed" palette (terra cotta/brow bone)
Wet & Wild "Lust" palette (purple/ brow bone crease)
Wet & Wild "Brulee" single eyeshadow (waterline)
Heavenly Naturals "Hummingbird" pigment (tear ducts)
Heavenly Naturals "Opal" pigment (brow bone)
Jesse's Girl "Rust" Pigment (lid & middle of lower lashline)
Jesse's Girl "Penny Arcade" Pigment (lower tear duct)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in "zero" (waterline)

Heavenly Natural Beauty in "Blushin 10"

Revlon "Raisin Glaze"

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  1. gorgeous! this is ideal for vday! have a great vday! :)