Saturday, October 23, 2010

Graftobian HD Lip Color "Super Palette #30248" Swatches & Review

After my awesome experience buying from I had to write to them and let them know the pleasant experience. I had to give them a shout out in my video because I could not believe the time, price & great customer service I had buying from them. It was just what I needed after the customer service HELL I had to deal with Yaby cosmetics. It was great to deal with a company that really cared about their customers. This is not the first time I heard great things about Camera Ready Cosmetics.

They wrote to me back and said they appreciated my letter/video & wanted to send me a Graftobian lip palette to say thank you for my shout out and support! I spent over $450 dollars with Yaby, had to wait over 2 months for my products and I never received anything for my wait & their horrible customer service. I compliment Camera Ready Cosmetics spend 75% less with my purchases and they send me a free lip palette! I don't know about you but that's great customer service.

I told them it would be awesome to review the product, but keep it honest as well. Just because I get something free doesn't mean it's good! Right? Plus, ya'll would have my neck haha.

My Review

I have been using this palette on and off since I received it. I like to use the product for awhile before I can clearly give a full honest review.

I love love love the colors in this palette. I have used on friends of all colors and myself and love how each shade plays with a person's skin tone. I had no issues applying this on myself or others. I've used with multiple looks and really love the long wear of the shade. Of course placing a lip liner makes the lipstick stay longer, so I tried with and without. Both times I was astonished at the wear. It did come off mostly when I drank or ate, but I expected that since this is a professional lip palette meant for photo shoots & film.

The shades are gorgeous but I love the pigmentation. You only need a bit on your lip brush and it just glides right onto the lip. The amount of product you get in the pan is great. I'm really pleased it wasn't the size of a dime lol. My only gripe was I was wish it came with a lip brush. :/ I mean really Graftobian? I guess they are thinking a MUA will buy this and already have a lip brush in their kit. I just think it would be nice to include a cheapo one for people who don't normally wear lip colors applied with a brush.

I really like the names & numbers assigned to the palette. I find it's very hard to share looks or remember what I used for a look with a palette with no names/numbers. I LOVE how the diagram is easy to follow in the back with each of the names/number printed clearly. Each shade is available to be reordered if you do hit pan! All you have to do is give the # number and they send you a full sized lipstick. That's awesome for you MUA's out there!

I also like the look and feel of the black shiny palette. It's super sleek but durable. I feel like if I drop it a few times it won't come loose. I love that there is a big mirror included that can also be used for a mixing area if you want to combine lip colors.

Would I buy more products from Graftobian? Hell yes! I'm super impressed and really enjoy this palette. The concealer palette is next on my list since I've seen MakeupbyRenRen Review it awhile ago. I know it has to be awesome.. because this is just a lip palette & I'm loving it!

Again this is just my opinion.. but I really think that if you are looking for an affordable lip palette for your MUA kit or like me.. wear make up daily, I would definitely invest in this! This is a gorgeous palette any MUA or makeup lover would love to have. I'm really pleased with this palette and look forward to tutorials in the future using these gorgeous shades!

- Super pigmented
- Creamy
- Only need a bit to go a long way
- LOVE the back diagram with names/numbers
- Great for MUA kits
- Gorgeous range of shades
- Long wear
- Shiny without being greasy
- Durable lip palette
- If you run out you can order more using the # number
- You can order these colors separately
- Pricing per shadow is affordable!
- Awesome in pictures
- Lots of product in pan
- 4x6 Mirror

- No lip brush
- Not something you can put in a small purse ( I have a huge one so I'm takin' it with me lol)
- No matte colors
- $64.99 can be a lot for some people to purchase off bat. (I can mainly see this as someone who invests and wears makeup daily.. like me, does blog/youtube tutorials or is a working MUA)

Full palette cost is $64.99

The break down to 18 shades would be $3.61 per lipgloss/lipstick!! That's awesome! I mean talk about the quality you are getting for your MUA kit!

Lip Colors (Names & Numbers)
( I broke them up in halves to get a better picture)

Lip Palette Swatches

Top & First Row

Second & Middle Row

Third & Last Row

Lip Swatches

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  1. Great review! The colors are so pretty. I appreciate great customer service as well.

  2. love it! ale- your lips are like... freakin' perfect. how the hell is that??? LOL

  3. wow the colors look SOOO pigmented! :) love it girl!

    great customer service is sOO hard to find these days. when u find a good company, gotta stick with them!

  4. Great colors! what's your go-to product for keeping your lips so lovely?

  5. Wow these are way better than I thought they would be... THANKS!