Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dollar Tree Fun & Finds!

I thought I would do some quick videos at what you can find by visiting your closest Dollar Tree for some great bargains. I hope you like the finds & fun!

So we started our Saturday first going to eat at Ana's Cafe on Toyon Ave. It's on the other side of San Jose, but we don't care lol. The food is always fresh, delicious and the flour tortillas are homemade. I love going for the Chorizo, eggs & papas. The chorizo (sausage) is mixed in with egg. It's freakin' fabulous.. if you've never had it.. GET IT. But I recommend getting it there!

We used to like to go to Casa Vicky's downtown but they really have fallen off. Plus no matter how many times I tell them NO BEANS, they always put them in my food. Come on.. really? always happens! lol. Anyway.. on to walmart. Here you see can Tulio and my moms head lol. You can hear her screamin' to tell my Grandma to put on the Handicap parking card.

We decided on going to Walmart that Saturday since my mother needed to pick up a few things and I needed stuff for our trip. The first thing I needed was to find a couple of affordable cute shirts for my trip. Of course the Walmart Plus sized section there was nothing to pick from. Honestly, if I ever become a billionaire I'm starting a affordable Plus sized clothing store that doesn't make you look like a mom or a goth girl for $50 bucks a shirt. I'm tired of them hating on the big girls!

I did find this really cool hat that Tulio ended up wearing to Disneyland California Adventure! He loves movies and comic art so this was right up our alley. The colors are awesome too!

Here's the picture I promised! This was at California Adventure after a rainy day! His hat got wet but the material made it dry off super fast! he loved it! A lot of people commented on his hat at the park that day too!


I see that there is a Dollar Tree right next door so Tulio and I walked over to see some good finds. So we arrive at Dollar Tree! Milpitas, McCarthy Ranch has a very clean and well stocked store.

It's funny how I say it's clean and you can see I walk into a thousands of boxes in the front of the store lol. I don't blame them. At least they were movin' it on out and stocked up the aisles on what I needed lol. Still the store was in great shape. I've been to many a Dollar store and I can tell you one thing, Dollar stores are not known for clean aisles lol.. you can put Ross stores into that as well.

I LOVED the selection they had at this Dollar Tree! They had lip glosses to blushes to lipstick to nail polish. It was great!! Most of the items I've previously bought or tried sooo I tried to keep it minimal to things I really wanted to try. Take a look at the great selection!

After looking around for items I had my small haul! I wanted to try out the LA Colors Nail polishes (which I LOVE!) and the Maybelline Bronzer & Blush. I haven't tried the lip pencil & lipgloss as of yet. Though the razors I got were great. I love them for a quick brow edging. I haven't used the LA Colors jumbo all over stick yet either. I was happy with my small haul, and who says you can't get great products for a dollar!?

Please let me know if you enjoy hitting up your local dollar stores for hauls! I would love to know your likes and dislikes on products you find at these stores! I hope you liked these quick little videos to show you what we did as a family on a early morning Saturday


  1. I love the Dollar Tree! Normally I get nail polish, but sometimes I find a lipstick or glass I like. Occasionally I find eyeshadows. One time I even found a L'Oreal HiP cream blush!

  2. I'm a Dollar Tree junkie. We got A LOT of my daughter's birthday decorations and goodie bag stuff there.

  3. we just had an ulta, dollar tree and big lots open in the same plaza in one month in my home town. ohh peeeel! :) i think i've tried all of your recommended products and love them all.