Sunday, November 15, 2009

TWO 80's Inspired Looks on @Queenbchronicle

I did these looks today for a upcoming party my friend and who I do my make up blog for she's my old high school friend and owner of the blog. She's throwing a huge 80's party at a club out here. We wanted to give some girls some ideas for make up for the upcoming party. These are two looks I came up with.

I used Bitch Slap cosmetics & Heavenly Naturals, and my 120 palette for this, because I needed heavy pigmented stuff. I used a new concealer by Revlon called "Beyond Natural" and I LOVEEE it. I've used it on myself, and 3 other girls, and it blends flawlessly.. it's almost airbrushed.. I'm soo impressed. I had to go back and buy two more! I also used Bare minerals "clear radiance" on her cheek highlight.. it's like almost light in her cheeks how gorgeous it comes out in the light... Anyway I hope you like!

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