Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where the Heck.. I've been!

SORRY I've been M.I.A!!

I have been working like a mad woman and usually around this holiday time a lot of people are calling for flyers & advertising. I run a Graphic Design business with Tulio my fiance' and we do this in breaks while I'm not working on iPad books.

I've also had some hard family stuff come up and we are trying to be there for my Grandma as much as possible. I cannot fathom how she can feel right now, watching her friends die & then deal with her Dementia. She was just diagnosed and didn't take it well... then a few days later her best friend of years died. It was very emotional. It's a tough time, and honestly family is first.

I hope you guys can just hang in there.. I've been missing blogging & doing videos. I have one almost done & another I want to record, so hopefully this week you will be seeing something by me.

I really do hope you guys are all doing well & are in good health. Remember to tell the people you love.. that you love them. You really NEVER know when they will be gone..

Thank you for your letters, twitter messages & Facebook messages!



  1. I'm so sorry you've been having a hard time. I will be saying a prayer for you and your family.

  2. we know you have a life OUTSIDE of blogging, makeup, and tutorials... just hurry bak! lol, WE MISS U!!!

  3. missed u woman!! we understand u have a life outside the makeup world! so sorry to hear about your grandma. stay strong. <3