Wednesday, January 27, 2010

AspiringMakeupArt Recreation!!

OMG!! this looks soooo beautiful and she did a fantastic job. I really love how this looks on her. I am so inspired and truely makes me feel good to see people trying out looks I've done.

She even sent me photos for you guys to see a closer look! Which I totally love. I like to see details, and she looks so gorgeous! Please check out the video and subscribe!

Check out her wonderful tutorial here:

To subscribe visit here: Aspiringmakeupart

The look she was inspired from!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Corn yellow & Teal blue (BTFE Cosmetics)

Okay let me just say, about %10 percent of mineral pigments that are Matte suck for me lol. Seriously, nothing I do can make matte pigments look good on the lid or crease. I can work it with shadows, but for some reason matte pigments are kinda tricky.

But the night before trying this look I decided to do a pre-run with Beauty from the Earth's "Sweet Nibblets." Honesty, guys this was the easiest matte pigment I've used in awhile. I was so surprised to feel how silky the matte pigment felt as it went on. It really showed up beautiful and I am quite impressed.

I was again inspired by what I wear. As most of you know I love to be inspired by many things including what fashion I seem to be wearing. I hope you like!

What I Used:

Beauty from the Earth pigment in "Sweet Nibblets" (matte corn yellow on lid and tear ducts)
Beauty from the Earth pigment in "Playful" (light purple blue color on lower lashline on the inner tear ducts only)
Beauty from the Earth pigment in "Caribbean" (tealish green color, crease blended into brow highlight and lower lashline)
NARS eyeshadow in "Kilimanjaro I" u can use MAC "Vanilla" as dupe (brow highlight)
NARS eyeshadow in "Night Flight" (sparkly dark blue to darken crease)
Urban Decay Liner in "Zero" (waterline)

Allez Couleurs Blush in "Bubblegum"

NYX Lipstick in "Thalia"
Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in "Orchid"

Purple, Orange, Light Purple (Exposed Organics)

I got this shirt on clearance at Target, yes clearance lol. I am a bargain shopper ya'll! Anyway, Tulio loved the pattern on this shirt and wanted to see me use it for inspiration. This is what I came up with.

I wanted to use inexpensive items so you can keep cost down but still have a great look! I really loved these colors by Exposed Organics. They really showed beautiful and I got several compliments on my make up this day wearing these shadows.. I hope you enjoy!

What I Used:

Exposed Organics eye dust in "Purple People Eater" (crease and lower lashline)
Exposed Organics eye dust in "Marci" (Lid)
Exposed Organics eye dust in "Nymph" (tear ducts & under brow highlight blended into purple people eater)
120 Palette Darkest Purple & tad of Black (to darken crease)
NYC liquid liner in "Black" (lid)

Heavenly Naturals Blush in "Blushin 10"

NYX lipstick in "Baby"
Sally Hansen Laquer Shine in "Orchid"

If you don't know.. now you do!!

Check it out ladies and gents... NYX is having those crazy sales they are getting famous for. I suggest you try out any eyeshadow's you can get those are awesome! BTW, I have all the liquid liners and they suck! lol do not get those.

Hurry you don't have long!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Neutral Eyes w/ Yellow Duo pop & Hot Gold Pink Lip

I did this look the other day while heading off to the mall. My mom was looking for a special ring my niece bought from Hot Topic. She is so cute, she saved up her money to buy the $16 ring. .. then a week later it broke. She was soooo upset. But Hot Topic being the cool company it is, replaced it for free!! It was so awesome.

I hope you like this look, I wanted to add a lil yellow duochrome in there for some pop on the eyes.

What I Used:

Heavenly Naturals Pigment in "Intuition" (Crease blended into brow highlight)
Heavenly Naturals Pigment in "Reverence" (Crease to darken)
Heavenly Naturals Pigment in "Naked" (Brow highlights)
Heavenly Naturals Pigment in "Posh" (Lid)
Heavenly Naturals Pigment in "Charm" (Tear Ducts)
NYC Liquid liner in "Black" (lid)

MAC blush in "Eversun"
Heavenly Naturals blush in "Blushin' 13"

NYX lipgloss in "Gold Pink"

HOT PINK, Deep Purple, Lime Green & Dark Green (Shirt Inspired)

Beauty Marked is so much more in person. Seriously you can't see the flecks of red glitter on my lid which totally sucks lol. I hate that, because it takes away from the effect.

Anyway with that said lol I was inspired by a shirt I got at Target for $4.98!! yes, you read me right. I found this gorgeously bright and colorful shirt in the clearance isle I just love. I pair with leggings and flats, and I love the outfit so much. I always love a bargain and it was a great buy!!

Welp these pictures really suck, since I was rushing since busy with work, and we were on our way to dinner. Sorry!

Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Beauty Marked" (Crease)
Ben Nye eyeshadow in "Azalea" (Lid blended to crease faded into brow highlight)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Lucky" ( Lower lashline)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Naked" (Brow highlight)

Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in "Covet" (waterline)


Wet & Wild "Strike a Pose Rose"


NYX Lipstick in "Honey"
Revlon lipgloss in "Gold Bling"

Bitch Slap Pigment & NARS Smokey & RED LIPS!

I went to the movies the other night very late (12:00am) lol I had to work, and our friends who we double dated with came over, and one thing led to another .. we just talked and talked. lol and we missed two times we would have seen the movie lmao!

I just got this blouse from Target (which I love!) and knew right away I wanted to pair it with a hot red color. I also knew a nice smokey would look great to go with my hot lip color. The smokey color I patted on top I am in love with. It is made by Sigma makeup. I am quiet impressed.

I will be writing a review on Sigma brushes and make up soon due to thanks of LULU1818 on twitter. She gave me this wonderful gift for Christmas I just need to share with you guys!

Anyway, please let me know your thoughts!

What I used:


Bitch Slap Cosmetics pigment in "Quiet Bitch" (Lid & Tear Ducts)
MAC eyeshadow in "Cloudburst" (to darken Crease & outercorners)
NARS eyeshadow in "Surabaya II" (Under brow highlight & lower lashline)
NARS eyeshadow in "Kilimanjaro I" (Brow highlight)
Sigma eyeshadow in "Indian Girl" (Placed lightly over everything in crease being careful not to cover the brown of Kilimanjaro I)
Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in "Zero" (waterline)

MAC Blush in "Eversun"
Heavenly Naturals Blush in "Blushin' 13"


Prestige Lipstick in "Caution"

MAC Olive & Light Blue & UPDATE!

Hey guys, so over the week and most likely all day Monday night I will be doing my blog. It took longer than usual because like I mentioned before our busiest time of graphics is like Oct-Feb14. So, again I apologize for not having time to update. I have some great new looks coming, and reviews on some great new affordable makeup lines!

Anyway, as some of you have noticed I am no longer blond! lol It was way to much upkeep and honestly my hair hated me for doing it. So I begged my mother (ex hairdresser for over 30yrs) to pleaaaase die my hair. I wanted to go back to brown, and not so dark like my natural hair color. Seriously, my natural hair color is so dark it makes me always look mean lol. I'm not damn it! *shakes fist*

Welp, hope you likey! please let me know whats going on with you .. or if you have any looks you want me to check out.. since I'm so busy I can't always visit the blogs I love, but if you could send me a link to your favorite look right now I would love to try and create it! Thanks guys!

What I used:

MAC eyeshadow in "Adlib" (Lid)
MAC eyeshadow in "Folie" (Crease & outercorners)
MAC eyeshadow in "Unwind" (Under brow highlight & lower lashline)
MAC eyeshadow in "Vanilla" (Brow highlight)
LA COLORS liquid liner in "Brown" (Lid)
Jordana eye pencil in "dark brown" (waterline)

MAC Blush in "Eversun"
Heavenly Naturals Blush in "Blushin' 13"

Revlon Lip gloss in "Raisin Glaze"