Monday, January 18, 2010

HOT PINK, Deep Purple, Lime Green & Dark Green (Shirt Inspired)

Beauty Marked is so much more in person. Seriously you can't see the flecks of red glitter on my lid which totally sucks lol. I hate that, because it takes away from the effect.

Anyway with that said lol I was inspired by a shirt I got at Target for $4.98!! yes, you read me right. I found this gorgeously bright and colorful shirt in the clearance isle I just love. I pair with leggings and flats, and I love the outfit so much. I always love a bargain and it was a great buy!!

Welp these pictures really suck, since I was rushing since busy with work, and we were on our way to dinner. Sorry!

Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Beauty Marked" (Crease)
Ben Nye eyeshadow in "Azalea" (Lid blended to crease faded into brow highlight)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Lucky" ( Lower lashline)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Naked" (Brow highlight)

Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in "Covet" (waterline)


Wet & Wild "Strike a Pose Rose"


NYX Lipstick in "Honey"
Revlon lipgloss in "Gold Bling"


  1. Oh! That's beautiful. I love how the waterline and lower lashline have very different colors on it. And of course, I love how you matched it to the shirt, lol. ♥

  2. I really like this :D
    You look good girl! - Loving all the new posts!

    Shoot, I need to hit up Target & see if they have anything cute on sale!! I love a bargain!

  3. I love this one, very pretty colors.

  4. this is beyond gorjus ..beautiful

  5. wow ! this is really pretty :)