Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sigma Angled Liner Review

I recently was contacted by Sigma to have the chance to try out a brush of my choice for review. I already have quite a few Sigma brushes, but was in need of a new angled liner. I love the Sigma brushes I already have and couldn't wait to try out this liner.

I was in desperate need of a new angled liner! If you've seen my beginning YouTube tutorials, you'll see my old, worn out Coastal Scents angled liner lol. That brush did me good!! I had it for years, it was on it's last legs but still performed. I got it on a brush roll sale and glad I did. I want to pour one out to the homie and say .. R.I.P. CS angled liner!!.. thank you for always havin' my brows back and makin' sure my brows were in perfect line. *tear* lol. But it was time to move on.. and have a great alternative.

I really like the brush. It might be pink, but I'm girly so things like that don't matter lol. The bristles are stiff, but not abrasive. The handle and where the metal connection (that holds the bristles) are joined really well. I've tugged on it several times and seems very firm. I don't think you'll have issues with it disconnecting like some brushes. I've had no brush shed which I know some people have complained about Sigma brushes doing. However, the only brush I've experienced excessive shedding is the short handled E40 formally the ss224. I use that brush for my concealer and have a lot of fall out. Then again, I have several MAC brushes that shed too. I think for this price of $9.00 for a hand made brush is awesome. Compared to MAC's small angled brush that goes for $20.00. I don't know about you... but the $9.00 looks a lot better to me lol.

I've been really pleased with the performance of the brush. It drags my brow color through my brows really well. It also provides a sharp line and precision. The handle isn't too thick so I feel like I can have a lighter hand to drag the color.. thus makin' my brows look more natural. I've washed it a few times already and experienced no fall out or coloring coming from the brush when washed. The brush also did not have any weird smell attached. I know getting brushes from warehouses can stink.. so I'm glad this wasn't one of them.

Anyway, I've really enjoyed my new brush. It's got my eyebrows back! lol. Also, Thank you Sigma for this opportunity to give an honest review on your product. I highly recommend their brushes, they are super affordable and durable! Please, let me know if you also have this brush and your experience with it in the comment section below!. :D

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