Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hawaiian Wedding Flower Inspired Look feat. 120 palette

I was recently inspired by a hair clip that was given to me by a close friend of mine. She got married with her honey Alex on a beach in Hawaii and had a awesome time.

I love that it was just them, experiencing the love and connection together on the beach getting married. I love that! Anyway, I hope you like this look and tutorial. Please let me know what you think! thanks guys <3 href="" target="_blank" title="" rel="nofollow" dir="ltr" class="yt-uix-redirect-link">

Please watch in HD!


  1. I love vibrant colors! This is breathtaking... I absolutely love it! This is really awesome, I think I may have to do a version of this for myself :-) xx

  2. it matches the flower perfect!! So pretty, great job!

  3. this one is my faveeeeeeeee love it