Thursday, March 25, 2010

Your thoughts?

Quick question.. does it annoy you when a cosmetic company uses the same person over and over to introduce new products to you? Or do you like a wide range of people trying the product?

What are your thoughts?


  1. I hate seeing the same people promoting different things it makes it hard to trust them. But it doesnt matter to me i like to try different things anyway

  2. Omg. I hate when the same people get stuff all the time.

    Since I'm getting stuff now, I hope people don't think that about me. But it's not really nice for the same people to get everything and not let others have a chance.

  3. Personally I like a wide range of people. I feel like if you have the same person reviewing your product over and over again, after a while people are going to believe they are biased especially if nothing negative has ever been said. Even if there is nothing negative to say. I say get a small group of people as your core and every now and then find someone random and ask them to review the new item for a different point of view.

  4. I love how your foundation looks can you tell us more and step by step how 2's