Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green Look option for St. Patricks Day

I wish I had better pictures, but I wasn't really feelin' the camera if you know what I'm sayin' lol. I guess I've had better days, but hmph.. whadda gonna do?

I'll be posting another green look for St. Patty's. I had a whole bunch planned, but then I got a rush of work in so it was cut short. :( Anyway, I hope you like.. I'm sure there are 65465651 million St. Patty's looks kinda like this .. but hey.. I gotta try right? :)

I hope you all have a great week!

What I used:

Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Panic" (Middle of lid & mirrored on lower lash line)
Sigma Eyeshadow in "Indian Girl" (Crease blended into brow highlight & corner of outer lower lashline)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Lovely Lady" (Tear Ducts)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Naked" (Brow highlight)
Urban Decay liner in "Lust" (Waterline)

Heavenly Naturals blush in "Blushin' 10"

Miliani Two Perfect "Pretty Pair" #801


  1. i love this look! :) you are freakin' gorgeous!

  2. Aww girl but I LOVE yours! It's so pretty and that shade of green is just perfect.

  3. girl, i am your new biggest fan. this is beautiful!