Tuesday, December 29, 2009


First off I wanted to say sorry guys, I've been MIA! I've been buzy working on business since this is our most busiest time of the year. Most of you know I own a graphic design business with my Tulio. Anyway, with the holiday and work, I haven't had much time for anything. But look out, I will be posting hopefully this week, if not Saturday for sure.

Thank you for all those who have stopped by, please let me know if you have any questions! SAVE me on twitter so you can reach me faster!

I want to thank everyone who has supported me, and my blog and what I do with my love of makeup. It really means a lot to me knowing such great people I've met, from all over. I have this huge opportunity to meet people from all over that most people couldn't dream of doing. I have met talented men and women in this field and appreciate all of you.

I just wanted to let you know that, in 2010, let's all breathe a lil easier, don't sweat the small stuff and just LIVE! LIVE our own lives, and not worry about others..focus on the positive and never let anyone bring you down. This is your life... it's yours.. forget about the people who don't support you.. just know I do! Whatever you love to do, keep doing it..Happy New Years and may all your dreams be possible this new year.

<3 Happy NEW YEAR!
Alejandra aka Queenbmakeup

this is so cute! reminds me of my CAT "Chango" (Monkey in spanish).. not that he drinks champagne lmao...


  1. Thanks for the well wishes! I definitely can say the same thing and it was a pleasure meeting to you this year! Best wishes for 2010! ♥

  2. Your work is worth the wait thanks for thinking of us hun!!

  3. I love your blog, so I nominated you for a LOVELY BLOG AWARD on my page :]

  4. I nominated you for One Lovely Blog! check it out and spread the love


    Keep up the great work!!!