Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Exposed Organics Review & Swatches (Vegan & Affordable!)

I recently got the chance to try Exposed Organics. I am never paid for my honest reviews. I only received the products for my review.

I went to look at the site, and was surprised to see her wide range of products. After being fed up from companies with so-called "organic" items. They started from shampoo to lip gloss, all mixed and made from their own kitchen! I must say I was quite impressed with the pigmentation of the eye shadows for being Vegan!

I received 10 eye dusts and a eyeshadow transformer. If you have no clue what a eyeshadow transfer does lol well most don't, so don't feel bad! This product allows you to make any eye dust into a wet liner, or foiled lid. Foiled means to wet the shadow and apply it to make it more pigmented and vibrant. It can be tricky, so I only tend to do it with shadows I know will hold up well. These do! I also really like the applicator squeeze bottle it's in. It makes a difference, and helps control how much you would like to use. It works well with your make up brushes and applies easy.

Each eye dust color is as vibrant as it is in it's jar. I can't get over how much you get for only $4.99 I mean a whole 7 grams! Really a great deal and very affordable. I am always looking for great make up for those with tight budgets.. like myself! lol but all of them are very easy to apply. The only eye dust I can see having "personal" issues is the red matte pigment "Ruby's Secret". I always have issues with matte pigments, since they are tricky to apply. I do find however if you place on top of eyeshadow it makes the matte shadow apply easier. Just because I said it's not easy to apply, does not say that this shadow is not super pigmented and gorgeous.. because it is!

I have two looks I did this weekend with two friends who came over (pictured above). I used these eye dusts both wet & dry and they applied like a dream! They both were impressed with the colors, and kept looking at their lids! lol I will be posting next their eyeshadow looks!

Serayge, is a gorgeous mint green I've been looking for!! I swear I've been looking for a color like this.. and so glad I received it.
Alexisescence is a gorgeous blue light violet color that has this iridescent duo tone that is sooo beautiful. You'll know how much I love iridescent eye shadows. Of of them are great and it's very hard to pick out my favorites. I'm sure you can see why!

I hope you can check out this vegan company and check out some of their products. Also, if you have bought from them, please let me know your thoughts below! I hope you enjoy the swatches and looks I have coming up featuring this cosmetics line.

Eye Dust (7 grams!) only $4.99!
Nectar "Eye shadow transformer" ( .5 oz!) only $4.99!


DRY Swatch placed on left!
WET Swatch placed on right!





Ruby's Secret










Santana Skye Blue


Purple People Eater



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