Monday, November 30, 2009

RED, GOLD & EVERGREEN (Christmas Inspired)

I asked people on twitter what I should do today since I was kinda stumped on what to do next. So thank you girls & guys who helped me come up with the colors I used today. So I decided to do a Christmas inspired highly pigmented look. I hope you like, what I came up with.. please let me know your comments! :D

Heavenly Naturals eye primer
Bitchslap Cosmetics HD loose paint in "Fuck You Bitch" (AWESOME GOLD on lid)
Bitchslap Cosmetics paint wheel in "Crazy Bitch" (Red- crease blended into brow highlight)
Bitchslap Cosmetics paint wheel in "Crazy Bitch" (Light Beige- brow highlight)
Calypso Minerals matte pigment in "Velvet” (placed over Bitch Slap Red)
Prestige Minerals shimmering trios "Emerald" (lower lashline)
Prestige eyeliner in "Marble" (waterline)
NYC liquid liner (top lid)

Prestige Blushes in "Raffia" & "Sahara"

Revlon lip gloss in "Gold Bling"
Revlon lip gloss in "Toast to Shine"

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  1. This is beautiful, you definitely know how to work them colors. Love it.

  2. You are really a Queen!

    I hate a red colors on eyes!!

    but on yours...I loove it!!!!

    qeep going..:)

  3. I attempted to make a purchase form Calypso Minerals June, 3, 2009. It is now 6 months later after having paid for my products and I still have not received my order as promised by Calypso Minerals. I have been in contact with Jen from Calypso and she still has not sent the promised items. She has excuse after excuse and promise after empty promise. As I just stated, I still have not received the ordered and paid for items and Jen the owner is no longer answering my attempts to settle this problem. It is safe to say that she is a significant amount wealthier and I am without the money spent and the product promised. Buyer beware, I would never endorse Calypso Minerals. I learned a very expensive and hard lesson!!!

  4. Pam I can only talk about my experience with Calypso Minerals. I will try and show her this entry and let her know about your situation.

    I always say try and hit her up on twitter. Or if you still haven't gotten your stuff as promised, do what I would do. Report the seller. You can report people through etsy, or consumer affairs at

    Otherwise, companies will continue to use customers.

  5. Hello, and thank you for responding to my post re: Calypso Mineral Beauty.

    I have in fact reported Jen and Calypso Mineral Beauty to Consumer Affairs and Internet Fraud. I did this after attempt after attempt to work with Jen to receive the product I had paid for in June, 2009, but to no avail. Jen has ceased all communication with me since she was clearly caught in one of her many lies. She sent me a UPS tracking number promising me deliver for November 13, 2009. The tracking number never moved because UPS never received the package (I spoke with UPS to confirm). When I contacted her she made some excuse about not understanding why/how this could have happened. I have been lied to, yelled at, and accused of not appreciating her professionalism and hard work at correcting the order. What professionalism? I still do not have my order, but she has my money.
    I have recently found a site where several others have blogged their experience with Jen at Calypso ( Each experience could have been my own. I wish I had known all of this earlier about Jen and Calypso.

    As for etsy, she has been banned from selling on this site due to her poor business ethics and practices. This however, does not stop her from opening up a new web site Calypso Mineral Beauty, to continue where she left off at etsy. How many more people will she hurt?

    I feel it only fair to let others know what I would have liked to have been aware of before I placed my trust and money in Jen's hands at Calypso. It bears repeating, "BUYER BEWARE"

  6. Well thank you for that information. Like I said I can only talk about how my purchases have gone. I'm very sorry that happened to you. Thank you for your side of the story. I'm sure you are very upset. But maybe you should make a blog or make a twitter regarding this. I'm sure I'll be posting more looks from her makeup in the future, sorry if this offends you but like I said I haven't had issues. I am here to talk about the products I enjoy and wear. There are tons of companies that screw people out there (which sucks) and honestly all you can do is start a forum about it or go on youtube talking about it. Now that you informed my blog buddies.. I appreciate it. Thank you..

  7. Thanks for your support. Please know that I am not offended by you doing looks with Calypso products, you do a great job! I just wanted to warn others and so they are able to make an informed choice about Calypso, with "eyes wide open."

    Have a great evening!

  8. No problem.. same reason why I NEVER wear Glamour Doll eyes products. You can find rants about that company as well.

  9. Girl, this came out GORGEOUS and I love what you did! It's so festive.

  10. I purchased from Jen at Calypso Minerals as well and feel as if I have been cheated. I wonder if the people who have experienced problems with her paid via PayPal. I did, and opened a dispute/claim about not receiving my order. You will get your money back if you open a claim against a seller on PayPal and the seller does not respond after 10 days.