Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Quiet Glittery Bitch ;D (Bitch Slap Cosmetics)

I always heard the horrors of applying lashes from girls all over the internet. I mean there is like 0654665654 tutorials on youtube. But I decided to finally try putting on fake lashes for the first time. This was my first attempt and I just want to say.. YOUR ALL LIARS! lol.. no, seriously it took me 5 seconds to apply with brow tweezers!! I was soooo excited and happy.. but honestly was really easy. I was so glad to find out it was so easy because after doing such a detailed look.. I didn't want to ruin it by putting on lashes lol.

Anyway.. I hope you guys like.. I wanted to go a lil diva with it, and show off this gorgeous silver pigment. I can't wait to show you the gold one. The gold one too is fantastic.. I'll be doing another look with that one later this week.

What I Used:
Painterly Pot

Bitch Slap new pigment in "QUIET BITCH" <--it's like realllllll molten silver.. I swear it's amazzzzzing! Bitch Slap palette in "Bruised Bitch" & "Greedy Bitch" (white for brow highlight, light silver under white, darker silver under the light, and then matte black in crease) MAC fluidline to do lining. Eyelashes from CVS only $4.99 -->

Bitch Slap pigment in "hottest bitch on the planet"
Bitch Slap pigment in "fake bitch"

NYX lipgloss in "Barbie Pink"

Hello Kitty Necklace by Bitch Slap Cosmetics.

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  1. um.......THIS IS AMAZING! just thought i'd throw it out there :)

  2. Thank you so much Ashleigh! I'm really glad you liked it and left me a comment. :D