Monday, November 23, 2009

NikkiTutorials Queenbmakeup Inspired Look!

Check out my girl NikkiTutorials new YouTube tutorial video!! She is only 15 and so Talented! I love her looks and am inspired everytime I'm in a make up rut. She is extremely beautiful, and has blending abilities that are soo fantastic. I love that she combines colors together so well and comes up with such unique color combos. I'm truely inspired by her artistic nature and many upcoming and existing youtube gurus. I think it's important to support eachother as women and especially as artists in the same love of make up! Please take the time to check her videos and also get to know her as a funny, strong, intelligent woman on twitter!

Picture for reference, from earlier in the year.
I used Coutour on my lower lashline.

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  1. Gorgeous! Like I said on twitter...u'r an inspiration to us all!!! Keep doing your thing! :D