Sunday, November 15, 2009

MAC Delft, Blue Brown & Spiritualize Pigment

I've been dying to use my Delft paint pot, since I've been neglecting it ;D I love that thing though it's such a gorgeous base! I did this look today before Dinner. We were having sushi. I was inspired by the fish scales & the multi different colors within the skin. I loveee that, things that are duo colors. Welp let me know ya thoughts in the comment section!

What I Used:
MAC "Delft" paint pot (Lid blended into crease & lower lashline)

MAC Vanilla e/s (brow highlight)
Prestige eyeshadow in "Golden Sun" (Under brow highlight)
MAC "Blue Brown" Pigment (all over lid & over crease blended into "Golden Sun" & lower lashline)
MAC "Spiritualize" Pigment (middle of lid)
Heavenly Natural Pigment in "Soulful" (tear ducts)
Urban Decay Liner in "Zero" (waterline)

Hip Creme Blush in "Spry"
Hip Creme Blush in "Enamoured"

Dollar Tree find in (Carlo & Ronna) there is no name, just the name of the company & it's from Spain lol go figure.. being at a Dollar Tree. Anyway, if you can find it.. get it!! this lip gloss dries to a matte lipstick after the gloss is gone! More lipglosses should do this! it's FAB!

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  1. Absolutely LOVED the eyshadow! I went to Google Images and typed in "Mac blue eyeshadow" and this popped up. It was exactly what I was looking for and I just applied it, and let me tell ya, its gorgeous! Thank you!