Sunday, November 15, 2009

Heavenly Naturals Haul & Swatches!

As many of you know, Heavenly Naturals is my favorite mineral line. Not only are Rene's pigments one of a kind, they are easy to use & very pigmented. Not only that, her line is sooo affordable anyone can purchase at bulk like I have & save money while doing so! I have many pigments from various companies, but none compare to the originality of this mineral line.

As most companies have very pigmented minerals, although pigmented, they fall flat to me. These don't. They each have their own little world in a lovely lil jar. Each pigment is different from the next. They aren't just flat color, they are multi-dimensional. Most are so detailed in color, with many colors into one. If you buy a purple, you'll get purple with a bang! with flecks of gold or red, or pink & purple sparkle.

From the photo above, you can see I have all her sample jars which provide enough to last you forever! I always buy her 15 pigment samples for only $15.99!! Jars are extra, but for that price you could get the whole package! I will be having swatches from her new NEON Line coming up this week!! Here are swatches from my last haul!

Wish you could see how beautiful they are in person!

(Left to Right) Honesty, Faith, Lovely Lady & Fairy Wings


(Left to Right) Tinsel, Taupe, Love Spell, Charmed & Starlight


(Left to Right) Cutie Pie, Dream On, Cupcake, Divinity & Romantic Notion


(Left to Right) Dollface, Rose Red, Rare Beauty, Nymph & Beauty Queen


(Left to Right) Puzzle, Teen Angel, Glamour Girl, Beauty Mark & Enchantress


(Left to Right) Twig, Kitten & Forgiven

To purchase this wonderful line, please visit:


  1. i just ordered sample jars from them yesterday. Thank for posting these swatches!!

  2. wow the colors are amazing!!!

    i hope they shipp to me in Morocco!!