Sunday, November 22, 2009

Heavenly Naturals Birthday Gift & Swatches!

I recently got a package in the mail from Rene' owner of Heavenly Naturals (my favo!!) I was soo shocked to see that she sent me 6 of her new Holiday line of pigments, 2 gorgeous smelling lotions, 2 gifts ( that are a secret but I will be able to share with you soon!!!) all for my birthday!

I felt so good (even though I'm sick) and it really made my whole month! I love her pigments so much, these were next on my list to buy! The lotions smell incredible, one being Pink Sugar (my favorite scent by HN) & Cupcake (soooo good enough to eat!!) Both I can't get out of my head. Usually over sweet smelling perfumes & lotions go nuts on my nose, but these smell light enough not to irritate. They also keep you smelling great all day long, even when you think it's almost gone.. you get a sweet whiff.

The pigments each gorgeous in it's own way, as usual & I wouldn't expect less. I am already in love with "Imagination". I will also be doing a comparison to some NARS eyeshadows I have that can be duped with the new pigments she has released! That will be coming up this week!

Thank you so much Rene' if your reading, once again. I appreciate it so much!!


(Left to Right) Intuition, Reverence & Integrity


(Left to Right) Strength, Loyalty, Imagination, & Grace

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  1. I love gift toooo Rene looooool ;)

    Can you tell me what is the difference between Mac pigment and HN pigment?

    they have the same quality ?